“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

The Monster at the End of this Blog. April 29, 2011

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Recently I was asked what my favorite book from childhood was.  At first I replied that I had no favorite book from childhood (mostly because I feel like I was born an eighteen year old adult and my parents never treated me any differently).  After a few seconds a huge smile crept across my face and I remembered the book my sister would read to me when I was little: The Monster at the End of this Book, starring loveable, furry old Grover!

Now, let me tell you, my sister was a woman of a thousand voices growing up and part of what made this book so exciting was her spot on impression of Grover.

The book begins with Grover letting you know that there is a monster at the end of the book. Throughout the book he builds walls, he ties the pages with rope,  and builds a brick wall but page after page you turn he gets more and more upset!

I’m not going to tell you what happens at the end, how could I? That would be terrible! BUT you can find out for yourself here.

What was YOUR favorite book from childhood?


24 April 26, 2011

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That’s how many years I have been going to Bryce’s Cafeteria for Easter dinner with my family. My brother, Jamie, has eaten there for 28 years, and my sister, well I will spare her and just say she has eaten there for 30 years.

I would like to say that this is a Fairchild family tradition but really it started with my mother’s family, the Rogers. When she was little, they would go downtown (way back when it was located in downtown Texarkana, AR) and stand in line for the deliciousness that is Bryce’s.

Their menu is typical southern cuisine, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and some of the best creamed corn you will ever have in your life. Also, there is a chocolate pecan pie there that will make you weep after the first bite. (Don’t believe me? Just go try it!)

As a child, Easter meant getting up and getting dressed in some frilly dress that my mother picked out and going to church. During the sermon I would get anxious, watching the clock to strike twelve noon. Every year our family would shoot like a bullet out of church and be on our way to Texarkana to meet our Granny for dinner. Depending on the timing, you might stand in line for an hour; if you get there too late you might be in line for longer. You see, it isn’t just our family tradition, there’s a community of people in the tri-state area that make their way down to Bryce’s (I’m telling you, it’s that good!)

When I was little I couldn’t carry my tray, and that’s where Mr. Leo came in. You see, he and the other wait staff there have worked there for years. Mr. Leo has been working at Bryce’s for at least 24 and he carried my tray for at least 12. (after checking out their website, I can say that Mr. Leo has worked there 51 years!!)  There are always friendly faces that you recognize; in a sense it’s like coming home.

Check out their website and plan a trip, it’s worth it!


Cooking with Rachael! April 22, 2011

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Someone once said that “a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand” and if Rachael would have let me then I definitely would have had a cocoa bread crumb cookie in each hand!

Look at these things! How could you not want two or three one?

I have to admit, I’m not the best cook in the world.  Not that I can’t hold my own around a hot stove, I think I lack the skills to make cooking seem like an art. That was what it was like watching Rachael, every move seemed equal parts of calculation and whimsy.

Oh! I can’t forget about the delicious hot cross buns that were made! They were delicious, especially this morning with some butter and local strawberry jam! Yummo!

If  you want more details and  recipes go to Rachael’s blog!


Easter Memories April 19, 2011

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I love Easter for many reasons. I love the build up to Easter. As a child Easter meant Easter songs at church and getting ready for singing a special, which I did until I was 9 and realized I could barely carry a tune. Easter meant aisles of chocolate bunnies with pale blue eyes. Easter was a frilly white dress, anklet socks, and later pumps and empire waists. Easter meant baskets and plastic green grass that seemed to magnetize itself to every surface. Easter meant malted milk eggs, robins gum, and that one special Cadbury egg.

We stopped dying eggs when I was about 13. We decided to go all plastic. Before that time we dyed eggs on Saturday evening, hunted them all day Sunday and then ate them the following week as egg salad. The egg whites still stained purple and blue and a little mayonnaise and salt made a delightful sandwich.  But one year changed all that.

It didn’t happen on Easter. It happened about a few weeks later. Long after the supply of colored eggs were consumed.  My parent’s closet began to smell. At first it was just a slight smell. We blamed it on shoes and sprayed air freshener. The smell got worse as the days went by and my mother was certain that a mouse had met its maker amongst the dresses and slacks. Certain that we would find a furry carcass, we searched the closet floor to no avail.  Another day or two went by and the smell started to drift its way down the house.  Room to room was searched. That dead rat had to be found.

Every corner of the house was searched. If there was one dead mouse, we were certain there was a family of very alive mice awaiting their furry family member’s return. This mouse had to be found and given a proper burial toss or we would face a certain mousaccre  of rioting rodents. Every corner was searched. Every hole sealed. But the smell persisted. After all hope was lost an idea struck. My father had a memory– a sudden realization of just what the smell could be. It was then that my father reached into the top of the closet and found our Easter baskets, still full of Easter grass and one very stinky egg.

Needless to say the Fairchild kids had plastic eggs from that Easter on. We even found a way to use plastic egg sleeves on the plastic eggs.  We filled the eggs with candy, slipped a sleeve on the egg and boiled it for about a second. It worked, but all the jelly beans were soggy afterwards.

Being 7 years older than my brother and 12 years older than my sister, the hunting of eggs  had already become a little old for me. I wanted my candy, I didn’t want to have to put on a show of hiding eggs, and finding eggs with the babies.  And by the time my sister could enjoy Easter, my brother already found it old too. And the truth is you could easily hide eggs from someone who is as blind as my sister.  So in an act of what can only be called animal cruelty, here are the step by step instructions on how my brother and I hid eggs from my sister

  1.      Walk outside.
  2.      Take bucket of eggs.
  3.       Spin with bucket of eggs until all eggs have landed on grass.
  4.       Go back inside
  5.       Listen for Jodie to yell “Wow this is so easy you guys!”

I hope your family has a happy Easter. Hopefully after reading this story you will check your basket before you store it in your closet.

You can also check out my shop for my Easter cards, they would make great gifts for next year.



Remembering Otis April 14, 2011

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Ok, so this is my first official blog post on our new site, and I am a little nervous. What if I offend someone? What if, worse yet, I cause you to action? What if just by my mere words, I encourage you to do something you have never done before? That kind of power thrills/scares me. But, I can rest in the fact that if you are reading this blog spot, you a. probably know me already and think I am nuts, or b. you enjoy reading about the minutia of generally boring people’s lives. And I am able to provide a glimpse of both of those things.

I’ll start off with the nuts thing, just to get you reading. I do want followers. How else am I going to start a cult? Folks who actually know me, might remember that I did attempt to once start a cult in college. It was a joke, but it actually took off and there are some folks out there who may or may not remember Otis. As in Otis, the elevator God.  The elevators in Smith Hall at Henderson State University back in 1993 were notoriously slow and had a habit of stopping mid floor and opening, giving riders a life changing experience. It was no accident that many people were driven to Christ while riding in the dorm’s elevators.  Looking into the shaft and staring down eight flights, kind of made you a believer.  So, since at the time I virtually had no filter between my brain and my mouth. I wrote a chant. If you are ever in an elevator and it gets stuck, take a look, if its an Otis, you might want to say the following prayer:


Otis, master of the stairs,

Keeper of the eternal flame of not walking

Grant us passage through your metal doors

So that we may enter your temple.

Otis, otis, otis…


I am not making any guarantees that such a chant might help you to avoid a painful death of being crushed by an elevator, or falling down the shaft, for that matter. But in the off chance that it does, you know my address , send a little cash to your leader.

I have changed a lot since college. People who knew me then and no me now, are quick to point out the changes. I haven’t aged in appearance (don’t correct me on this please) but I have changed my general attitude about life. I still have a strange and quirky sense of humor, but I like to think that instead of mixing that with sourness, I have added a lot of sugar.  So its no wonder I have absolutely fallen in love with my Sock Monkey stamps from Stampin Up.

To check out all the neat cards I have made with this set visit my shop at

Thanks for the attention, more ramblings to follow later.



Sweet Baby Will April 11, 2011

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Welcome to the world Sweet baby Will!!


I had the privilege of working with the Phillips family this weekend and their new arrival, William Blake. Talk about precious, look at those lips!!

At six days old, Will is already a professional. I love the way he posed himself in such a modest position:

He was such a sweetheart the whole day and, of course, I was working with such a loving and supportive family so overall it was a great shoot!

Also, I think I would get my butt kicked by a two-and-a-half year old if I didn’t mention how adorable his big sister Avery is.  Go Avery Go Avery Go!



Let us introduce ourselves…. April 9, 2011

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We are two sisters born and raised in rural Arkansas. We were taught to love the Lord and our family (in that order) and that is what we strive to do every day.


In 2005,  Jennifer began making scrapbooks to save the memories that were precious to her. Our mother at the time, was near the end of her long battle with cancer. There were many small battles along the way, she won some and she lost some. Her symbol, the butterfly, is something that Jennifer holds dear to her heart. When you see it in her work, it represents our mother.


Jodie has always had a passion for photography.  She received a Nikon N55 as a gift for her 16th birthday and immediately began capturing memories of her friends and family.  The ability to look at a photograph and immediately remember exactly where you were at that time is something that has fascinated her for years. More recently she has purchased a NikonD3000 and she’s on the prowl to capture every memory she can.


The message we would like to send out to the world is this:

The time to take pictures of yourself is now. Take photographs of yourself and your family. Document the time you have in this world. And above all, show it to your family and friends.