“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

Remembering Otis April 14, 2011

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Ok, so this is my first official blog post on our new site, and I am a little nervous. What if I offend someone? What if, worse yet, I cause you to action? What if just by my mere words, I encourage you to do something you have never done before? That kind of power thrills/scares me. But, I can rest in the fact that if you are reading this blog spot, you a. probably know me already and think I am nuts, or b. you enjoy reading about the minutia of generally boring people’s lives. And I am able to provide a glimpse of both of those things.

I’ll start off with the nuts thing, just to get you reading. I do want followers. How else am I going to start a cult? Folks who actually know me, might remember that I did attempt to once start a cult in college. It was a joke, but it actually took off and there are some folks out there who may or may not remember Otis. As in Otis, the elevator God.  The elevators in Smith Hall at Henderson State University back in 1993 were notoriously slow and had a habit of stopping mid floor and opening, giving riders a life changing experience. It was no accident that many people were driven to Christ while riding in the dorm’s elevators.  Looking into the shaft and staring down eight flights, kind of made you a believer.  So, since at the time I virtually had no filter between my brain and my mouth. I wrote a chant. If you are ever in an elevator and it gets stuck, take a look, if its an Otis, you might want to say the following prayer:


Otis, master of the stairs,

Keeper of the eternal flame of not walking

Grant us passage through your metal doors

So that we may enter your temple.

Otis, otis, otis…


I am not making any guarantees that such a chant might help you to avoid a painful death of being crushed by an elevator, or falling down the shaft, for that matter. But in the off chance that it does, you know my address , send a little cash to your leader.

I have changed a lot since college. People who knew me then and no me now, are quick to point out the changes. I haven’t aged in appearance (don’t correct me on this please) but I have changed my general attitude about life. I still have a strange and quirky sense of humor, but I like to think that instead of mixing that with sourness, I have added a lot of sugar.  So its no wonder I have absolutely fallen in love with my Sock Monkey stamps from Stampin Up.

To check out all the neat cards I have made with this set visit my shop at

Thanks for the attention, more ramblings to follow later.



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