“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

Arkansas Adventures! May 21, 2011

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I can’t read a map. I admit it. I can’t even really use GPS, its too much like a map. My mind is purely linguistic, so the lines and symbols try to arrange themselves in logical sense, but my word filled mind can’t comprehend what the map is telling me.  I can’t turn it into a story or a plot, so it’s useless to me. How do I find my way around a strange place? I make another person tell me the directions. Then my mind can associate a turn here and a turn there with a gesture or a phrase. Getting lost is a fact of life for me. I am used to getting lost, it’s annoying sure, but I don’t get scared or afraid.  My lack of trepidation comes from the way our mother approached getting lost. She was NEVER lost, she was having an “Adventure”.

We went on many “adventures” together. As a family we found a new way to get from one end of Hot Springs to another. It was a street named Lupine. I remember this because I associated it with werewolf.  Also, there was a sign that said “Deaf child” so I imagined that the child could not hear the werewolf approaching on Lupine. Next time we started an adventure in Hot Springs, the street names were stored in my memory and we managed not to get lost.

One adventure sticks out in my mind because it was truly scary at some points. It all started in Hot Springs near the Gulpha Gorge. We were going to follow a quick trail that led from one end of the mountain to the other.  My mother was on another one of her diets so she had shakes in an ice chest; my sister was still on a bottle, so she had bottles in the same igloo. It was going to be a quick walk and then a picnic later when we got back, so the rest of the food was still in the car.

The trail started out okay and we walked at a leisurely pace. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until we realized we had passed the same way twice, hadn’t seen any other hikers in some time, then we made a few turns. And sure enough, we were on an “adventure”. We were lost for hours. Mother had to share one of her shakes with all of us. The sun was going down and we were getting scared. My parents remained calm, but it was starting to show that they had no clue where we were and no way of finding the way out.

Turns out sunset was a good thing. The lights of Hot Springs began to turn on, we followed them,  and we found ourselves on the promenade. Mind you, the car was literally miles away. Our dad had to take a cab and pick us up. There is no way of knowing how many miles we made on our little “adventure”.  I guess that’s why to this day, I am never really lost; I’m just having an adventure. Although with the cost of gas, these little adventures usually end up with me, stopped on the side of the road, calling and asking for directions.

Not Hot Springs by any means, but you get the point!

Speaking of adventures in Arkansas or otherwise, I created these latest cards with the idea of adventure in mind. These are French inspired cards. They remind me of summer in Paris. Although I have never been I imagine that it would be quite the adventure.


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