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Long time no see! November 21, 2011

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Major things have happened since we last spoke. Major.

I’m a homeowner!!!!!!!!

I purchased my home in early October and i’ve been loving every minute since! ALSO, did i mention i got a new puppy?!?! His name is Buster Bluth Fairchild.

The homebuying process was really stressful and if it weren’t for the following people i’d have lost my mind!

Chris and Rach! Who have listened, helped clean, changed lightbulbs, played with Buster and paint an awesome tree. You guys are the best!

My Bubba and Seester, who got a lot of "uhhh what the heck do i do now?!" calls. I probably got on their nerves real bad but they never told me if i did!

Also I have to thank my Daddy for always telling me to that I can do anything no matter what!

I have had two housewarming parties! One was hosted by Rach and the other one was hanging out the night before a Razorback game, pictures below!

Fancy Party

Fancy Party

Me and Jason tailgating!

This is what it would be like if we were all the same size instead of them being a good foot taller than me!

Bubba and Me

Jami and Jason


 view of the gang tailgating (thanks to Brandi for the photo)

What an awesome couple of months! I can’t wait for the Holiday season with my family and friends and to see some more Arkansas football!!