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It’s like rain on your wine tastin’ day! May 2, 2011

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On Saturday, my friends and I took a road trip to wine country a.k.a Altus, Arkansas. It was a pleasant little road trip, the kind you can only have with great friends; you know, the kind where you sing old country songs at the top of your lungs and convince yourselves that the radio has a microphone and is playing all of your favorite requests.

Our first stop was the Chateau Aux Arc (pronounced Ozark, cute huh?) for the Bloom n’  Blues event.  Chateau Aux Arc was very quaint and pleasant but our sommelier was neither knowledgeable OR friendly.   It was a nice establishment, and the wine was wonderful but we decided to go on our merry way and visit another winery.

Stop #1: Chateau Aux Arc

Our next stop was Mount Bethel (which was my favorite!).   Our sommelier was cute and pleasant and really knew her stuff! She was a sweetheart and she made our wine tasting experience a fun one! The building itself, was small but intimate, and the wines were delicious. They had a fantastic BlackBerry wine but instead I made it home with a Harvest Moon Vignole.

Stop #2: Mount Bethel Winery

Our next stop was the Wiederkehr Winery, and just to let you know, they weren’t friendly, their wine wasn’t good, and the atmosphere wasn’t all that great. Call me a snob if you have to, but I had three friends with me who would definitely agree. (Side note: their Sangria isn’t all that bad BUT we didn’t buy any because of the rude employees there!)

Next we went to the Post Familie Vineyards.  I’m a huge Post Familie wine fan, the 2009 Dreamer is fanstastic! We tasted so many fine wines there! My favorite (for one day only!) was their Cabernet Sauvignon. I’m usually not a red wine fan but this one won me over.  We had a great time at Post.

Stop # 4: Post Familie Vineyards

You can buy grape plants & friends there!!

We finally made out way back to Chateau Aux Arc and ate a delicious barbeque lunch and tried to outlast the rain. Unfortunately, the rain won and we headed on back to Little Rock.  Overall, it was a very pleasant Saturday! Yay for one day excursions!

I ❤ my crazy Friends!

Breathtaking View

What did YOU do this weekend!?